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Introducing Dance Movement Therapy

March 18, 2016

Hi my name is Amanda and I am a Dance Movement Psychotherapist (DMP). You might be wondering ‘what does one of those do?’ I am passionate about giving people an opportunity to express themselves using movement. Movement is our birth right.


We are born moving and it is something we do throughout our whole lives until our very last breath. Our movements might be functional to feed or be fed or to travel from one place to another. Other times we might move to communicate, to say hello through a wave, a blink or by pointing to indicate what we want.

We are also motivated to move to create the sensation of comfort in our bodies. As a Dance Movement Psychotherapist I support people to move

in many ways that support personal growth and development. Developmental movements for example set up our neural pathways for our lives to be rich

and fulfilling. It creates the hardwiring that supports us in all of our daily activities. (I will talk about this in more detail in another Blog).


Shared Humanness

Recently I was moving with someone who was non-verbal who expressed himself in gestures as a way of connecting and being understood. It was

a dancing dialogue where it was essential to stay present and remain focused

soI did not miss anything. Sometimes we took turns and other times we moved together finding our similarities and differences. We dialogued for some time through these postures and gestures that somehow we both understood. Through our simplicity of shared humanness we explored places he already knew and built

a familiar territory that felt safe. It is from this place of safety that we can explore more possibilities.

It is through this expansion of our movement vocabulary we develop new possibilities. It is my job to support people to expand or contract depending on what is right for them in that moment. Often we have to contract before we expand. Imagine trying to jump without bending our knees. It is simply not possible to reach the same height without contracting and bending our knees.


It was a privilege to be one of his allies on his journey of self-discovery.


For further information about my role, to book training, an assessment or to discuss setting up a group, please contact Total Communication CIC Services via the website.



Amanda Parsons-Hulse


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