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New Vocabulary Sets Available

January 22, 2018


Hello from Total Communication Services

We are very excited to launch our latest resource through our online store. Following the success of our FREE Image bank TC Pix which is available as a download from our website, we have created a fantastic new resource. With permission from Boardmaker we have created sets of vocabulary around certain topics which are available to download from our website at a very low cost.....from just £1 per set.


As we are a community Interest company we wanted to ensure some of our resources are made available at a low cost.



The vocabulary sets are created from the ever popular 'Boardmaker' software package which

can be used with any age group for a variety of uses. Many of the images have been edited to fit the category and are unique to us.  The sets are all in colour, ready to be used. Each vocabulary set contains multiple images which can be used as needed to support communication. There are variations of the same image within each set so they can be utilised in a bespoke way depending on their use.


We have given some thought to the items in each set and have consulted with other professionals and families where appropriate before finalising each set. For example the Eating/ Drinking safely- Dysphagia set was created with advice from Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, trained in Dysphagia. We have where possible tried out the packs and checked vocabulary to ensure they are meaningful. Each set comes with some suggestions for use and an explanation where needed.

We currently have the following sets available and will be continuing to add to them-  Drinks, Dysphagia- Eating/Drinking Safely, Feelings, Food, Pakistani Heritage Vocabulary and Visual scales.


Some suggestions for use are –

•           To support understanding and expression in conversation

•           For choice making

•           Teaching vocabulary using pictures

•           Structuring a discussion and providing visual support

•           Some packs have been used as part of a visual timetable

•           As a discussion tool using a Talking Mats approach.


As always we are happy to receive suggestions for vocabulary sets that you may find useful or any feedback about how and where the resource is being used. The vocabulary sets can be found in our online store. Thank you for reading this month's blog, I can be contacted at

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New Vocabulary Sets

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