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Social Impact Report

March 27, 2018



This month we are very proud to announce the publication of our first Social Impact report which both highlights and celebrates what we have achieved. We have been very busy over the last twelve months with many achievements and are making an impact both locally and further afield. The work we have completed, and continue to develop, is so varied that we would like to share a snapshot of it here.


1. Training courses - We have a fantastic range of courses to support staff and families that are often tailored especially for service providers. Some of the training courses we have provided this year include; Social Stories, Signalong taster sessions, Intensive Interaction, Communication and mental capacity. This course was commissioned by L&M Health Care to support the skills and knowledge of their staff, Specialist course developed for Social Workers and others - Making choices and Talking Mats, Multisensory Storytelling: Theory and Practice Supporting Communication, Communication Facilitators, bespoke training for The National Autistic Society (North) and Training for 1st year Speech and Language Therapy students at the University of Manchester. As part of our contribution to student education, students were taught good practice in producing accessible information.


2. Resources - We were very excited to launch our resources through the online store on our website. We have a FREE Image bank TC Pix which is a library of black and white line drawings focusing mainly on the Pakistani, English and Bangladeshi communities. We have also created another fantastic new resource, with permission from Boardmaker. These are vocabulary sets around certain topics which are available for just £1 per set. Many of the images have been edited to fit the category and are unique to us. The sets are all in colour and ready to be used for discussion and supporting communication.


3. Strength Needs Analysis for service providers - This focuses on good practice in communication. Staff self-report on their perceptions of how well they deliver different communication approaches. A detailed report, mapping all the different communication approaches against national drivers, is provided with identified action points. Tailored training is then provided to develop the skills and knowledge of staff.


4. Support for North West Self Advocates Conference - ‘Building confidence and citizenship in uncertain times’ 2017 - Over 200 attendees were welcomed, most of which were people with learning disabilities who are themselves self-advocates. We were invited to help run a workshop on the ‘BIG Issues’ jointly, we consulted with people with learning disabilities in the North West and to find out what issues eg cuts to the NHS, hate crime, transport, opportunities to make friends and social care amongst others were identified as being most important to them.


5. Total Communication Advocates - Campaigning for Communication. We have a board of voluntary non -executive directors who support the development of the company, however we felt we wanted to ensure the wishes of people with learning disabilities were at the heart of the company. We have created a voluntary Advisory Board comprising of people with learning disabilities who will be advising and assisting in many areas of future development within the company and what we deliver. We are grateful and excited to welcome them to the team.


These are just a few of the highlights, the full report is available to download from our website using this link and clicking on the Social Impact report.



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