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Social Impact Report 2018

January 15, 2019

This last year has flown by and we are again proud to announce the publication of our second Social Impact Report. We have built on the previous year and would like to share and celebrate what we have achieved. We continue to make an impact both locally and further afield and we would like highlight some of those achievements briefly here in this blog, for more information please have a look at the full report on our website.




Total Communication Advocates - Campaigning for Communication - Total Communication Advocates is a group of people with learning disabilities and volunteers, the group has continued to grow and develop this year. The advocates have volunteered to help with training and completed training themselves. They have worked to develop their own communication passports, practiced their signing skills including making a short film and have even written their own Sensory stories. They enjoyed taking part in a MA Photography project for a student from Bolton University. The group also co-produced a blog introducing themselves which is included in the report and is on our website. We are grateful for their input and excited to continue working on new projects.


Training courses - We have again delivered some fantastic training across the region to support and increase knowledge of staff, professionals and carers in different topics around communication. Training is tailored to meet the needs of various organisations including The University of Manchester, Ordinary Lifestyles (charity), National Autistic Society (North), L&M Healthcare amongst others.  Some of the training we have provided includes Total Communication training, Intensive Interaction, Talking Mats, Signing based on Signalong, Accesible Information workshop and a Communication passports workshop.


Project with University of Chester - We have been working with The University of Chester to conduct research into the criminal justice system after initial development of the project with Intersol Global. The project focuses on how the police explain the caution to people with a learning disability. An ‘easy read’ explanation of the caution has been developed and work is currently under way with people across the North West to see if this resource helps improve comprehension. This work will continue throughout 2019.


National Lottery ‘Awards For All’ Project - This year we were granted funding from The National Lottery to work with Ordinary Lifestyles who are a North West based charity providing support for people with Learning Disabilities. We provided training which was extremely well received and worked to develop Communication Dictionaries for some residents. A poster display summarising the project was presented at the Communication Matters conference 2018 in Leeds.


These are just a few of the highlights, the full report includes more details on these and other projects/ work we have completed. We have been involved in and achieved so much this year that we couldn’t even fit the highlights into this blog!!  The full report is available to download from our website using the link below and clicking on the Social Impact Report 17/18 .

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