Courses we offer

  • Person Centred Communication                                     (Total Communication)

  • Accessible Information

  • Group Music Making Workshops

  • Signing based on Signalong

  • Mindfulness Training

  • Intensive Interaction

  • Supporting Communication                                            for Parents with Learning Disability

  • Talking Mats Foundation Training



I’ve had great feedback from staff who are really excited to take responsibility of communication in their services, it’s made such an impact already, so thank you!


                                   M W - July 2017

Staff Development Co-ordinator the National Autistic Society


Can I just say that I sincerely enjoyed yesterday and am looking forward to subsequent weeks.


The content was highly interesting and really did make me think about things I/my team could do to improve our service.


A key measure of training for me is how engaged I am post-lunchtime and I can honestly say that my attention/focus did not waiver in the slightest as it almost always does!!!


Mandie and Joe also enjoyed the day and were (almost) as enthused as I was!

                                         C A - June 2017


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